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Software for managing dog pedigrees and tracking show titles and awards.

PEDWIN is shareware created for building a database of dogs in any breeds.  In addition to pedigrees, you may create lists of descendants, line breeding lists with genetic influence percentages, and top producing lists.  The programs also allow searching the database by Kennel Name, Owner, Breeder and other fields.  The unregistered shareware version is limited to 300 animals in a database and will work for 45 days, but is otherwise identical to the registered version.

The registered version of PEDWIN costs $75.00 and is available directly from the author with payment by check or money order. . As a convenience for users of the shareware version of PEDWIN, we have contracted with NorthStar Solutions to process any orders for PEDWIN which you wish to make via credit card.  See the "Purchase" link above for methods of purchasing. Use the "NorthStar Solutions" link to go directly to their order site for cred card orders.  Please be certain to note the correct product number for the program which you are ordering.  PEDWIN for Windows is product # 2640.

What's New?

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.46.1 Revised method for installing license information to retain it between sessions. Cleaned up minor code problems.

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.45.0
Corrected problem when appending a breed data set to another breed data set.
Minor bug fixes.

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.44.0
Option provided for making automatic backup of data files when program exits.
Backup file default name changed to be breed name plus the current date and time in order 'yyyymmddhhmmss'.

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.43.4
Corrected automatic file name creation to avoid illegal characters in saving pedigrees as JPG's.

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.43.3
Added title dates to available pedigree printer output for the main animal in the pedigree.

What's new in PEDWIN Version 1.43.2
Fixed Alfirin output of index files to solve missing litter data.
Added additional search and list items to reports.

A complete list of changes is available from the PEDWIN menu item 'Help | What's New'.


PEDWIN Setup Program (Windows 32 bit Version 1.46)

Other PEDWIN related files


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